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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Brew House Performance Committee 2-15-06

Meeting began: 7:30 pm

Next meeting: March 1, 2006

Present: Mike Cuccaro, Tom Sarver, Ben Sota, Tim Kaulen, Brandan Barber, Christina Gebbia, Jillian Canastraro, Michelle Grim.

Transcribed by Christina Gebbia

Goal: To make the IAC/Garage/ performance space available to Pittsburgh artists during the day, or times when it is not utilized for performances.

Public events in the garage are great, however there are some downfalls.

- $Cost : production of events can be costly, and sometimes dangerous; getting enough people through the door can also sometimes be an issue.
- Alcohol: safety and legality? Can be a hassle.
- Visitor care: keeping visitors safe.
Some rentals are produced outside of the BH, others are produced in house.

Studio/ non-public time in the performance space:

- BH is willing to give space to those artists who deem themselves worthy of such an allotted space and time.
- in years past, this sort of open time and work space heightened public interest in what was going on that the BH garage space.

Non- public studio issues:

- Management Structure:
~ individual roles
~ online calendar issues : ie: Yahoo?
~ Blogs: free- My Space, Friendster
~ Application process: printed?
~ Available Time slots?
~ Sound issues: 12 am noise curfew for amplified sound
~ Guidelines: what amount of time is appropriate per artist? Should there be a limit?
~ Are there time lines?
- sign in sheet?
- allocated open space time?

~ It was agreed by all present that there should at least be a basic/initial/vague schedule of work sessions.

Membership Packages

~ There should perhaps be a fee associated with the membership allowing those to utilize the space.
- Will they: answer key questions? follow certain guidelines?
~ Membership: co-op based?

~ Public Events
- Scheduling?
- Staffing?
- Point person?
- Establish roles amongst members. i.e.- cleaning/maintaining, technical, volunteers, marketing/PR,
curatorial: making conscious decisions about what public events are brought to the BH, ie- travel to check out shows.
BH examples of internally curated shows: "What it is", Black Sheep Puppet Festival
- these events are very taxing both financially and on the small amount of people who produce them, thus, seeking out a larger committee or recruiting performance committee members would be ideal.
Possible performances for the IAC?
~ Cabaret
~ multimedia performances
~ Blackbox- Jillian is interested in producing such an event

There should be a regularity of collaborative events between the performance members and committee members and there needs to be a broad unit. i.e.: we need more than one person for certain tasks so that no one gets burnt out.
~ we should really tap into volunteers
~ how do we find reliable , trusted volunteers?
~ online forums
~ students: college interning
~ mentor ship opportunities

Follow up

The following things are important to the following individuals:

~ the need for a system for every facet of the Performance committee: Ben Sota
~ Building the performance committee: Brandan
~ Written guidelines and systems: Michelle
~ establishing roles- PR/management/scheduling: Christina, Michelle, Jillian
~ Curating and expanding the committee: Tom Sarver
~ Scheduling/ not becoming too ambitious: Mike Cuccaro
~ Expanding the committee, scheduling: Christina Gebbia

Michelle is interested in editing any documents, and will look up templates for existing organizations applications for using space and/or applying for use of a venue for an event.
Mike will look into Yahoo Calendaring
Tim could resurrect a tri-fold program that was going to be used for a residency program.
Christina will type of the meeting notes and have them available electronically.
Jillian will look into a May Blackbox production.


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