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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Brew House Performance Committee

Hey Yall,

In case you didn't know: There is an event in the Performance space at the next Brew House Performance Committee meeting which is JUNE 8, 2006. I think we will try to make this a hands on meeting. Just an fyi-- come one, come all! It will be fuuuuuuuuun.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Brew House Performance Committee

Some ideas on Membership as discussed at meetings and via email with Tim Kaulen:

These are things we have talked aboutat previous meetings but perhaps we can jump off from here. Let me knowwhat you are thinking.
1) I think we should make some sort of involvement with the committeecrucial/required. It is important that members have an active role in whatthey are apart of. Even if it is just 1 or 2 meeting(s) a year.
2) We should work on an abridged "liability" contract.
3) It terms of qualifying to be a member, perhaps there needs to be aquestion on the application asking EXACTLY why a space such as the IAC garage would be beneficial to their growth as an artist. "Is it a venuespot? Is it a place to jump off ideas? Is it a place of collaboration? Ordammit, are you just planning on exploaiting the space to make $ ? , and if so, go pound sand."
4) Obviously-- a membership fee is a great idea. I agree with you in thatwhen someone vests some sort of financial means into something, they tend tofollow-through more, (thus, not wasting either our time or space.) And i like the roboto project vibe of a lessened renewal fee.
5) Membership should be confined to Western PA-ers only? Part of me feelslike this could be a bad idea, but the majority else feels like we will beable to find enough PGH and surrounding area people to begin aproper/sizeable membership base. I fear that if we reach out too far, wemight end up with people signing up to use the space, and then not making itin to do work thus wasting time that locals could have utilized.
6) There should be a penalty if members who sign up to man an event fail to show up and do their share of work. Would they loose 2 weeks of work timein the space? Should they get to know the wooly millipede more personally?Lack of respect for their fellow artists should not be tolerated. We souldn't be trying to start an happy artists commune, let's limit it to apaid membership with rules.
7) I am sure there will be members who butt heads with one another, andif/when that occurs, how will we handle it? Allow them to sign up to work at different times only? Pick one to stay and not the other depending ontheir behavior? Let them work it out? Have a mud wrestling match andwhoever loses must suck it up and be submissive for the remainder of their membership?
8) Perhaps paying members should be required to meet with a BH Perf.Commitee "board member" once every 4 - 6 months to sort of report progressor report complaints, grievances, or things they are very pleased with to one of us, and we will report that at a BHPC monthly meeting? Maybe thatway, a "one-on-one" setting might get more honesty instead on sittinginfront of 5 or 6 people?

WELL, these are just thoughts we have discussed before and a couple of new ones. Let me know what you think, ya'll.


Monday, April 17, 2006

Brew House Performance Committee

Brew House Performance Committee

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Brew House Performance Committee

Brew House Performance Committee

artist membership guidelines to draft:

application process
description of the membership

any additions, comments, questions for the next perf meeting march 23, 7:30?

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Meeting notes: 3-1-06 BHA Performance Committee

Present: Mike Cuccaro, Tim Kaulen, Brandan Barber, Christina Gebbia, Jillian Canastraro, Michelle Grim and Mary.

The main focus of this meeting: membership.

Mary commented that the Roboto Project requires a $25 fee to become a member with a lessened fee for renewal.

The benefits of membership:

  1. the use of the space for both studio and performance time.
  2. the chance to collaborate with other artists, establishing an arts community.
  3. Involvement with an annual/regular collaborative performance, such as Black Box, so that members have a venue to show their work. ~24 hour show? or ~ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) show?
  4. members being able to link their web-sites to the Brew House Association web-page.
  5. allowing members to book non-member shows. However, with this benefit are responsibilities: ~ a % of the show is required to go back to the Brew House Performance Committee(BHPC), perhaps as "Black Box productions." ~members should be limited to the number of out-side performances they contribute. ~The BHPC must have accurate and detailed records of these events, and all events.

The responsibilities of being a member:

  1. proper event-staffing, without allowing too many burdens to fall on the same members over and over.
  2. keeping track of hours: how to keep record them? Tracking 'the return' from BHPC members. What is fair?
  3. Following legal obligations: following all safety compliances, operating in a legal and safe manner. ~Members understand that accountability is their responsibility. If a member or any-non member under the supervision of a member encounters a problem due to their negligence, it is entirely at their fault and no responsibility lies on the Brew House Association.
  4. Membership Fee: ~Amount? ~a fee is good as it demonstrates genuinely interested parties. ~Should sub-letting one's membership be permitted? NO.
  5. Should members be required to help work on the committee policy?
    Expand the committee to all members. Voting rights with membership?
  6. All members should attend "x" amount of meetings to contribute.
  7. eligibility: ~ are there artistic standards? ~ membership based on an artists need for a space to work?
  8. Members make sure that ALL events are not for profit.

Jillian distributed an outlined paper with Black Box ideas. A copy will be available at the Brew House.

NEXT BHPC meeting: Thursday March 23rd at 7:30.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Blog ineptitude

So it seems I am not as blog challenged as I thought. I will post this weeks minutes from the 3-1-06 performance committee meeting very soon.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Brew House Performance Committee 2-15-06

Meeting began: 7:30 pm

Next meeting: March 1, 2006

Present: Mike Cuccaro, Tom Sarver, Ben Sota, Tim Kaulen, Brandan Barber, Christina Gebbia, Jillian Canastraro, Michelle Grim.

Transcribed by Christina Gebbia

Goal: To make the IAC/Garage/ performance space available to Pittsburgh artists during the day, or times when it is not utilized for performances.

Public events in the garage are great, however there are some downfalls.

- $Cost : production of events can be costly, and sometimes dangerous; getting enough people through the door can also sometimes be an issue.
- Alcohol: safety and legality? Can be a hassle.
- Visitor care: keeping visitors safe.
Some rentals are produced outside of the BH, others are produced in house.

Studio/ non-public time in the performance space:

- BH is willing to give space to those artists who deem themselves worthy of such an allotted space and time.
- in years past, this sort of open time and work space heightened public interest in what was going on that the BH garage space.

Non- public studio issues:

- Management Structure:
~ individual roles
~ online calendar issues : ie: Yahoo?
~ Blogs: free- My Space, Friendster
~ Application process: printed?
~ Available Time slots?
~ Sound issues: 12 am noise curfew for amplified sound
~ Guidelines: what amount of time is appropriate per artist? Should there be a limit?
~ Are there time lines?
- sign in sheet?
- allocated open space time?

~ It was agreed by all present that there should at least be a basic/initial/vague schedule of work sessions.

Membership Packages

~ There should perhaps be a fee associated with the membership allowing those to utilize the space.
- Will they: answer key questions? follow certain guidelines?
~ Membership: co-op based?

~ Public Events
- Scheduling?
- Staffing?
- Point person?
- Establish roles amongst members. i.e.- cleaning/maintaining, technical, volunteers, marketing/PR,
curatorial: making conscious decisions about what public events are brought to the BH, ie- travel to check out shows.
BH examples of internally curated shows: "What it is", Black Sheep Puppet Festival
- these events are very taxing both financially and on the small amount of people who produce them, thus, seeking out a larger committee or recruiting performance committee members would be ideal.
Possible performances for the IAC?
~ Cabaret
~ multimedia performances
~ Blackbox- Jillian is interested in producing such an event

There should be a regularity of collaborative events between the performance members and committee members and there needs to be a broad unit. i.e.: we need more than one person for certain tasks so that no one gets burnt out.
~ we should really tap into volunteers
~ how do we find reliable , trusted volunteers?
~ online forums
~ students: college interning
~ mentor ship opportunities

Follow up

The following things are important to the following individuals:

~ the need for a system for every facet of the Performance committee: Ben Sota
~ Building the performance committee: Brandan
~ Written guidelines and systems: Michelle
~ establishing roles- PR/management/scheduling: Christina, Michelle, Jillian
~ Curating and expanding the committee: Tom Sarver
~ Scheduling/ not becoming too ambitious: Mike Cuccaro
~ Expanding the committee, scheduling: Christina Gebbia

Michelle is interested in editing any documents, and will look up templates for existing organizations applications for using space and/or applying for use of a venue for an event.
Mike will look into Yahoo Calendaring
Tim could resurrect a tri-fold program that was going to be used for a residency program.
Christina will type of the meeting notes and have them available electronically.
Jillian will look into a May Blackbox production.