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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Meeting notes: 3-1-06 BHA Performance Committee

Present: Mike Cuccaro, Tim Kaulen, Brandan Barber, Christina Gebbia, Jillian Canastraro, Michelle Grim and Mary.

The main focus of this meeting: membership.

Mary commented that the Roboto Project requires a $25 fee to become a member with a lessened fee for renewal.

The benefits of membership:

  1. the use of the space for both studio and performance time.
  2. the chance to collaborate with other artists, establishing an arts community.
  3. Involvement with an annual/regular collaborative performance, such as Black Box, so that members have a venue to show their work. ~24 hour show? or ~ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) show?
  4. members being able to link their web-sites to the Brew House Association web-page.
  5. allowing members to book non-member shows. However, with this benefit are responsibilities: ~ a % of the show is required to go back to the Brew House Performance Committee(BHPC), perhaps as "Black Box productions." ~members should be limited to the number of out-side performances they contribute. ~The BHPC must have accurate and detailed records of these events, and all events.

The responsibilities of being a member:

  1. proper event-staffing, without allowing too many burdens to fall on the same members over and over.
  2. keeping track of hours: how to keep record them? Tracking 'the return' from BHPC members. What is fair?
  3. Following legal obligations: following all safety compliances, operating in a legal and safe manner. ~Members understand that accountability is their responsibility. If a member or any-non member under the supervision of a member encounters a problem due to their negligence, it is entirely at their fault and no responsibility lies on the Brew House Association.
  4. Membership Fee: ~Amount? ~a fee is good as it demonstrates genuinely interested parties. ~Should sub-letting one's membership be permitted? NO.
  5. Should members be required to help work on the committee policy?
    Expand the committee to all members. Voting rights with membership?
  6. All members should attend "x" amount of meetings to contribute.
  7. eligibility: ~ are there artistic standards? ~ membership based on an artists need for a space to work?
  8. Members make sure that ALL events are not for profit.

Jillian distributed an outlined paper with Black Box ideas. A copy will be available at the Brew House.

NEXT BHPC meeting: Thursday March 23rd at 7:30.


At 11:51 AM, Blogger Mike said...

Good job, Christina. I just fixed the date of the next meeting. It should be the 23rd, I think.


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